Spring Weekend Is Here!

Spring Weekend 2012 is here, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This will be my final Spring Weekend, and I know that this year’s festivities are sure to not disappoint.

Every year, there are so many different activities for everyone. Everybody should check out all of the booths that student organizations worked so hard to put together. The Office of the Student Union and Involvement has organized the event down to the finest of details. This year, the planning committee decided to go with a new layout for the booths, and if you’ve seen them being set up, I’m sure most will agree that it is a definite improvement over years past.

There are going to be so many bands coming that everyone should check out! I’m personally pretty excited to see al of the bands performing Friday night at Bandfest and all of the headline performers on Saturday night!

Chelsea Hurst, the other intern I work alongside, and I will be available beginning at 7:30 AM on Saturday to help direct student organizations to their appropriate booth location!

This could potentially be one of the best Spring Weekends Longwood has held…EVER! So don’t miss out, and join in on the festivities! There is surely something for everyone to do!

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