Lancer Productions, Student Programming Board has been providing a long-standing commitment to providing social, cultural, educational, and recreational programming to the Longwood University student community.

Our primary vision is to be the students’ choice programming provider by co-sponsoring events with other organizations on-campus, bringing in top talent at the most cost effective manner, and truly listening to the feedback of student body to satisfy the campus’s growing demand for entertainment. The Lancer Productions Adviser, Executive Board, Directors, and General Members strive to do this by:

  • Providing balanced schedule of social, cultural, educational, and recreational programming.
  • Providing engaging opportunities for students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community.
  • Providing fun and meaningful experiences to promote personal development of volunteer members.

The programming board continuously seeks to form partnerships between all of the 150+ student organizations who are a part of the Longwood University and surrounding community. These organizations can be categorized as followed:

  • Academic & Educational
  • Cultural & Support
  • Hobbies & Recreation
  • Performing Arts
  • Political Issues
  • Publications & Media
  • Religious
  • Service
  • Social

If you are part of a student organization and would like to begin the process of planning an event, we encourage you to fill out this form so that one of our dedicated directors can contact you.  We plan for events a semester in advance so you need to fill out the form below a semester in advance for programs that have financial implications. These two deadline periods for Fall and Spring are February to March and October to November respectively.  By filling out the form you are not obligating your organization, but instead providing a window of opportunity to engage in real engaging conversation to discover just how the joint venture will benefit the community.

Start your co-sponsorship now by filling out this form:  Submit Form

Lancer Productions is composed of a full-time paid adviser.  Additionally the student volunteers are the executive board, directors, and general members who are all volunteers dedicated to fulfilling the mission and vision of the organization.  The backbone of this large organization is the dedication and commitment of the general members.  The general members are cultivated to lead as an executive or director member during their tenure in the organization.

Lancer Productions has an executive board whose primary goal is to lead the organization towards progress by fulfilling its mission.  The Executive Board is also a resource to directors as they go through their event planning phases.  The board is composed of a President, Vice President of Assessment & Programming, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Administration, and Vice President of Marketing.

CONTACT: President | VP of Assessment & Prog. | VP of Membership | VP of Admin. | VP of Marketing


Lancer Productions hosts cinema events that bring in a variety of genres covering any interests Longwood students have.  Cinema events include blockbuster movie screenings in buildings, outdoor movies on Stubs lawn, and screenings of engaging documentaries. Members of this committee work with obtaining copyrighted materials, reservations, and overall event planning.

CONTACT: Cinema Director

Lancer Productions hosts late night and novelty events that bring a new variety of entertainment to the university.  Novelty events can include hypnotists, fire breathers, and magicians all provided for free to the campus community!  Members of this committee work with agents, reservations, and overall event planning.

CONTACT: Late Night Director

Lancer Productions hosts dozens of events each semester requiring that multiple advertising campaigns be executed simultaneously.  These campaigns are divided into online and physical distribution of advertising content.  Additionally, the committee is tasked with compiling marketable pictures and videos for future use of the organization.

CONTACT: Vice President of Marketing | Social Media Director | Graphics DirectorStreet Team Director

Lancer Productions hosts university tradition events that include Snowball and Spring Weekend to name a few.  This committee is responsible for planning some of Longwood’s largest student run events. This includes Halloween, Snowball, and Spring Weekend.  Members of this committee work with agents, reservations, and overall event planning.

CONTACT: Traditions Director | Assistant Director of Bands & Security | Assistant Director of Hospitality

Lancer Productions hosts top comedians, performers, and entertainers who have made appearances in Comedy Central, MTV, major stand-up comedy shows, other universities, or hosted their own TV programs. The committee is always looking to expand its horizons with new entertainers and different kinds of shows and events to provide the student body at Longwood University with the highest quality of entertainment they deserve.  Members of this committee work with agents, reservations, and overall event planning.

CONTACT: Comedy Director

Lancer Productions is dedicated to providing educational programming to the student body.  In this committee students include diversity and awareness in the programming. Potential acts can include slam poets, speakers, and inspirational leaders. Members of this committee work with agents, reservations, and overall event planning.

CONTACT: Issues & Awareness Director

Lancer Productions is dedicated to providing spirit and athletic support programming to the student body.  Members of this committee work with agents, reservations, and overall event planning.

CONTACT: Spirit Director