The programming board continuously seeks to form partnerships between all of the 150+ student organizations who are a part of the Longwood University and surrounding community. These organizations can be categorized as followed:

  • Academic & Educational
  • Cultural & Support
  • Hobbies & Recreation
  • Performing Arts
  • Political Issues
  • Publications & Media
  • Religious
  • Service
  • Social

If you are part of a student organization and would like to begin the process of planning an event, we encourage you to fill out this form so that one of our dedicated directors can contact you. We plan for events a semester in advance so you need to fill out the form below a semester in advance for programs that have financial implications.  These two deadline periods for Fall and Spring are February to March and October to November respectively.  By filling out the form you are not obligating your organization, but instead providing a window of opportunity to engage in real engaging conversation to discover just how the joint venture will benefit the community.