A student wishing to file a complaint with the office of Student Activities or Lancer Productions must submit a written grievance to the Assistant Director of Student Activities within 30 calendar days of the event(s) triggering the grievance. The written grievance must include:

• A clear statement of the university rule, regulation, policy and/or action of which the student complains;
• The date of when the action occurred;
• A summary of the action(s) which the student has taken to resolve the matter informally;
• Documentation which supports the grievance.

Contact Information:
Bryan Bristol (

Office of Student Activities
(226 Lankford Student Union)
201 High Street
Longwood University
Farmville, VA 23909

If the grievance relates to the Assistant Director of Student Activities the student will address the written grievance to Susan Sullivan, Director of the Student Union and Involvement, who will conduct the same procedures as mentioned above.